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Corisco 700/1200/1500

Agility and efficiency in all fields

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Corisco 700/1200/1500

Corisco sprayers are available in two models: Corisco H, with hydraulic opening, and Corisco E, with electric-hydraulic opening. Corisco sprayers feature a spraying pump with pistons and membranes that are highly resistant to the corrosive action of products. They can be used with liquid fertilizers as well as dry products, using the entire potential of the tanks.

They offer a refilling option through direct suction using the sprayer, making it easier for refilling under any work condition.

They are equipped with independent hydraulic systems integrated into the sprayer so the tractor does not require a hydraulic system.

The booms are built with light and highly resistant metals that guarantee more durability for the equipment.

The Corisco Sprayers have a 700 liter capacity in the rear tank and 500 or 800 liter capacity in the front tank.

The self-compensating system, available in Corisco H, raises the booms to a 15 degree angle, providing better balance when going over obstacles without unbalancing the opposite boom. The pendulum boom frame system automatically detects variations in terrain, even in areas in which the slopes do not require the activation of the leveling cylinder.

Corisco E is equipped with electric and hydraulic opening of the booms, optimizing operations even with cabin tractors. Its booms measure 18 and 21 m long for spraying, which ensure excellent daily operational results due to the greater application speed compared to our competitors. Orion is responsible for the electric-hydraulic opening of the booms.

The Coriscos can be equipped with the most complete controller, Topper 4500, with flow control, DGPS, automatic shutdown of sections and autopilot (optional), all in a single piece of equipment.

Seal Precision Agriculture Stara

Precision Agriculture Stara

Product compatible with the precision agriculture's equipments

PE tank capacity   Rear tank - 700 l and front tank 500-800 l
Clean water tank   45 liters
Booms   18 and 21 m of spray
    Membrane pump (141 l/min)
Spray pump  18 m booms (spray) Membrane pump (225 l/min)
  21 m booms (spray)  
Mixture transference pump   Membrane pump (100 l/min)
Boom opening command   Electrical-hydraulic or hydraulic
Spraying command   Electrical or manual activation
Flow controller   Standard with electrical spray activation
Nozzle holder   Simple structure or triple holder with anti-drip valve.
Mixer system   By mixture transfer and hydraulic agitator
Refilling   120 liter capacity with filtering of the refilled mixture
Application height   From 0.4 to 1.8 meters
Weight   850 kg (variable according to the size of booms)
Height   3 meters
Width   Boom E: 2.42 meters / Boom H: 2.8 meters
Length   1.9 meters