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Stara is a family business, innovative and that became to be reference in manufacturing agricultural machinery by the quality and technology factory equipped in the machines. Stara acts in all Brazilian territory and in the five continents, exporting up to 35 countries. That is only possible because Stara counts with committed professionals, with initiative and excellent ideas, resulting in the best agricultural machinery manufactured in Brazil.

Under the motto of Constant Evolution, Stara seeks to reward the efforts of the employees, creating and managing the best ways of gratitude and ingrowth. For that, Stara counts with the Projeto Olho de Tigre (Tiger Gaze Project) that has as objective attract, discover and retain new talents, always seeking the valorization of the employee, inserting him in its area of bigger affinity.

Meet the main actuation areas at Stara:

The administrative area of Stara encompasses a range of departments, among them the Human Resources, Supply, Financial, Accountancy and more. The professionals of this area are committed with the company’s philosophy, giving support for their growth.

A modern factory and in constant update is what the professionals who seek the industrial area will find at Stara. Since the forming until the assembly, Stara offers excellent work conditions, based on concepts of sustainability, ergonomic and in the practical improvement of production.

Research and development
The innovation is a feature stamped in the products from Stara and cannot be different with the professionals that act in the area of Research and Development. Encompassing the departments of Engineering and I.T. That is why Stara seeks for creative and innovative professionals, in line with new technologies, that anticipates the needs of the farmers.

Acting in all Brazilian territory and in five continents, Stara seeks for dynamic and prepared professionals to serve the client. The professionals from commercial area can act in the area of Selling, After Sales, Marketing, among others, with straight relationship with clients and dealerships network.

By joining the company, the employee becomes part of the Stara Family, what gives him the right to participate of a series of programs and different benefits and that seek encouraging and gratify the effort of each one inside the company.

Main benefits:
– Dental care;
– Education aid;
– Health insurance;
– PLR (Participation in the Profits and Results);
– Restaurant in the company;
– Life insurance;
– Food vouchers;
– Transportation vouchers;
– Participation in the Programa Empresa Cidadã (Citizen Company Program);


Stara believes in the young talents and so, offers the internship program, where young students have the opportunity of acting in diverse areas of the company, being able to apply their knowledge and live the day by day of the company.

The program offers to the trainee a range of benefits and the opportunity of being contracted, according to his development presented during the internship.

Besides the monthly stipend, the trainees enjoy the other benefits from the company.

From the moment in which the employee is contracted, starts its capacitation process. Initially, the employee participate in the Institutional and Functional Integration Program, where is presented the history, culture and values from the company, as well as the activities related to the function the employee will have inside the company.

The development program is continuous in Stara, being guided by the learning trails. The trainings are offered in presently mode as EDA (Teaching by Distance), through the employee’s portal.

How I do to register my resume?

To fill your resume, follow the next steps:

1-) Click in “Register your resume and follow the available opportunities”;
2-) Click in “Login” in the superior part, at the right side of the screen;
3-) Click in “Create a new account”;
4-) Fill the required fields and click in “Create account”. Next, you will receive a notification in your e-mail address. Accessing this notification, you will be guided to the candidate page. Click in the label “My profile” and complete your resume. Click in “Save” to finish your register.

You must fill all the fields identified with a red asterisk (*).
* It is very important that you keep your data always updated.
* If you have diverse courses or/and professional experiences, fill the most relevant in your register and the others put in your resume and send it attached. Both the register and the resume will be analyzed.

Which documents I should have in hands to register my resume?

Mandatorily you need to have an e-mail account. It will be necessary also your I.D., social security, digital photo and information about the courses and professional experiences.

I never worked before, can I register my resume?

Yes. We offer opportunities for the first job, without the need of previous experiences.

After registering my resume, do I need to call or send an e-mail to be sure that my resume will be analyzed?

No. after the conclusion of your register, you will receive a message in your e-mail confirming the inclusion of your resume in our database. Likely, the professionals responsible by Recruitment and Selection will receive the information and will analyze your resume.

Can I send my resume through e-mail?

No. the divulgation of existent vacancies is made through the website. That is why to participate of our selective processes is necessary to have you register in our website and keep it updated. It is also possible to attach your resume to the register. You can indicate your areas of preference, receiving a notification when the vacancies in those areas are available.

How I do to register my resume if I do not have an e-mail?

To perform the register an e-mail account is necessary. If it is not possible, talk with the HR of our company.

How long my resume will stay active at Stara?

Your register will remain active for the period of 3 years. If you do not access during this period, it will be deleted automatically. However, if you accesses it, it will remain active. Keep your register updated to ease our contact.

How can I update or change my data?

To change the data of your resume, access your registration, click in the label “My profile” and perform the necessary changes. Remember to click in “Save” to confirm the update.

How can I change my access password?

To change your password, follow the next steps:

1-) Access your registration, typing your access data (e-mail address and password);
2-) Click in the label “Change password” in the upper part of the screen;
3-) In the changing password window, type your actual password, your new password and again your new password. Click in “Change password”.

How I will be noticed when a new vacancy of my interest is available?

You can create a notification of vacancy to be send by e-mail always when a vacancy of your interest be available.

To create it, follow the next steps:

1-) Access your registration;
2-) In the main screen, in the label “Search and Saved Alerts”, click in “Create an alert of vacancy”;
3-) Fill the required fields;
4-) Click in “Save”.

If an opportunity in your area of interest is available, we will contact you by telephone or e-mail. That is why it is very important to keep your data always updated, especially the information for contact.

How I do to candidate myself for an internship vacancy?

For internship vacancy, you must register your resume, select the area of interest “Internship” and fill the the fields “Exclusive for internship”. In this field, you will indicate the areas of interest for the internship. You also can inform the experiences of previous internships.

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