Expodireto Cotrijal started on March 4th, and once again, the company is presenting great launching products to visitors.  Expodireto Cotrijal is one of the biggest agricultural shows when it comes to international agribusiness and sticks to technology and businesses. The exhibition takes place in the town of Não-Me-Toque, in the state of the Rio Grande do Sul, and ends on March 8th.

The visitors who stop by the Stara stand are going to see the launched products in 2024 and check out all the innovations the machines can provide you with. See below more information on what you’re going to find at Stara’s stand during the Expodireto Cotrijal.

Great launching products

Eva planter

Available models: 7 to 11 row units. Eva is a complete piece of equipment that gathers technology and precise and efficient planting. It is recommended for the following crops: corn, soybeans, beans, millet, cotton, and sorghum. Eva is robust, and its maintenance is easy. As a result, there is no need for lubrication during the planting process.

Eva is a pneumatic planter that features excellent planting quality. The equipment features a rigid chassis and hoppers by gravity for seeds and fertilizer. In addition, it has two control configurations. Smartphone and Topper 5500

Imperador 2500

The technology and innovation of the Imperador self-propelled line are on Imperador 2500 with central booms and a chemical solution with a capacity of 2500 litres, resulting in high productivity, optimum operating yield, and the excellent spraying only Stara can provide you with.

Also, one of the most amazing features of Imperador is the Continuous Recirculating System, available on the machine Top configuration. It is an exclusive Stara technology to keep the chemical solution constantly moving in the chemical solution tank and pipes, resulting in the exact concentration of the chemical during applications, a cleaner system without residues from previous applications, and longer component durability.

The Smart 4-Wheel-Steering System is another exclusive Stara technology available on Imperador 2500, which reduces boundary crop damage by up to 45%. In addition, it has all the Stara technology package:  Topper 5500, Telemetria Stara, TD3 auto steering, Conecta, Syncro, Weather Condition Sensors, and the Stara Spraying App.

Reboke 11000 and 15000

To optimize the operations in the crop field and ensure an easier and faster unloading process, Stara has developed a new line of Reboke 11000 and 15000 grain carts. The new Reboke grain carts are equipped with an unloading tube of 340 mm and with an unloading capacity of up to 2500 kg/min. As a result, it can ensure a faster grain unloading process.

Additionally, the unloading tubes are built in carbon stainless steel on the front section to provide the operator with a better unloading view. Additionally, it features a hydraulic activation to open and close the feedgate of the unloading tube.

The Reboke grain carts 11000 and 15000 feature a fixed downspout and tarp to ensure unloading efficiency. The transport width of the implements is 3.20 m, with inverted rims to ease the grain cart travelling to different areas.

Twister 1500

The New Twister 1500 is a hydraulic spreader equipped with twin spinner disks for granulated fertilizer application and fine seed distribution. The farmer can work with fixed or variable rates, according to the area’s needs, consequently getting the most out of the products.

Twister is available in three configurations and delivers higher distribution uniformity and precision. For the configuration with a fixed rate, the adjustments don’t change and the opening and closing of the feedgates is performed through the hydraulic command unit of the tractor.

On the other hand, the manual variable rate is controlled through a smartphone. It has rate compensation, which may vary the application speed, in addition to performing the rate adjustment manually. For the configuration with a variable rate, Twister varies the rate automatically through Topper 5500 SL.

Connected agriculture 

Known for its innovative and technological DNA, Stara shows its traditional space for Connected agriculture so that the visitors learn more about Stara. Topper 5500, Telemetria Stara, TD3 auto steering, Machine Monitoring System, Conecta, Syncro, Weather Condition Sensors, and the Stara Spraying App.


It allows up to 4 machines of the same function to operate with synchronization and sharing information. The data transmission of Syncro is carried out via radio and by Topper 5500 controller, without the need for an Internet connection. Additionally, it shares information regarding fields, boundaries, AB lines, flags, and variable rate maps.


The free-of-charge remote access service of Stara. By means of Conecta, the operator can contact a technician in the factory via WhatsApp. Then, the technician can access Topper 5500 controller on your machine remotely to solve and diagnose issues. In addition to answering questions about the machine or its operation.

Zero Crop Damage

It is an exclusive system that automatically shuts off the planting row units at the exact place where sprayers and spreaders will further pass over. The system provides seed savings of up to 4% regardless of the planting row unit traveling direction.

Not to mention the savings this technology can provide you with. Another advantage is seed waste prevention. The process is fully performed by software without the need for the machine’s mechanical system. As a result, you can ensure the control of the sprayer and spreader traffic in your field.

Telemetria Stara 

With this system, you can manage your operations in the crop field in real time. Any device that has Internet access will provide you with. Telemetria allows the farmer to plan the operation logistics, optimize the fleet, reduce operating costs, and avoid crop losses.

Through the Telemetria Stara application, the farmer receives real-time notifications on the cell phone about the performed operations. Additionally, it is possible to check the path of the machines, the operation summary, and so many other functions to ease the control of machines in the crop field.

Stara Machine Monitoring System

The Stara Machine Monitoring System helps the farmer on a daily basis by identifying setbacks quickly and efficiently. When some monitored feature of the machine is not according to what was set up, alerts are displayed on the Topper screen and sent to Telemetria Stara. If this alert is not solved, we text you message on WhatsApp. If the alert is critical, we call you. Thus, the farmer stays tuned for everything that is happening, and consequently, it makes their decision-making easier and ensures higher performance and yields.

Also, to acquire the best machines, you can count on the Stara Pre-purchase Financing Pool and the Stara Finance, which provide you with special agribusiness solutions to the Expodireto Cotrijal customers. In addition, the ones who stop by our stand can acquire the brand accessories, clothing, shoes, and home appliances at the Stara Mania store.

You are our guest. Stop by our stand from March 4th to 8th at Expodireto Cotrijal in Não Me-Toque. We’re waiting for you!