Known for its innovative DNA, Stara stands out one more time for launching Twister 1500, a hydraulic spreader with twin disks for granulating fertilizer and fine seeds. The implement enables the farmer to operate with a fixed rate or variable rate, according to the area needs to optimize the product performance.

Twister is available in three configurations. For the configuration with a fixed rate, the adjustments don’t change and the opening and closing of the feedgates is performed through the hydraulic command unit of the tractor. This version is controlled via smartphone and allows for the variation of the rate manually. The smartphone allows you to save up to five calibrations and create a history of the applications of each product without the need to calibrate the implement again for the next application. Thanks to the device, the farmer can have the automatic compensation of fertilizer as the application speed, the rate to be changed at any time, and the manual section shutdown.

For the configuration with a variable rate, Twister varies the rate automatically through Topper 5500 SL. You can make the most out of the technologies provided by Stara such as the instantaneous adjustment of fertilizer, automatic section shutdown, and variable rate fertilizer. Also, the Stara technologies: Conecta and Telemetry.

The polyethylene hopper has a 1500kg capacity. Its removal is easy for cleaning and maintenance. The horizontal mixers feature a rotation of only 196 rpm. As a result, they ensure the product granulometry, avoid damage to the product applied, and ensure the fertilizer and seed draining to the spinner disks.

In addition, the spreader features stainless steel spinner disks that have a vane adjustment system. As a result, they deliver an application range from 18 to 36 meters, depending on product density.

The Coopavel agricultural show was held from February 5th to 9th, BR 277 drive, in the city of Cascavel, state of Paraná.