In order to ensure more agility and ease the manufacturing logistics, Stara stood out with the launching of two new grain cart models to comprise the row unit. Reboke 11000 and 15000. The new products are easy to be handled, agile and robust.

The Reboke 11000 and 15000 grain carts are developed for high performance in the transport of grains. As a result, they ensure excellent performance.  The unloading tube is made of carbon steel and mounted on the grain cart front to provide the operator with better unloading visualization. The unloading tube has a diameter of 340 mm with an unloading capacity of up to 2,500 kg/min. As a consequence, providing more agile and faster grain unloading. In addition, the spreader features a hydraulic activation to open and close the feedgate.

Reboke 15000 has a load capacity of 15 m³, and the Reboke 11000 load capacity is 11 m³. Additionally, the grain carts are equipped with a fixed spout and tarp to ensure unloading efficiency. The transport width of the implements is 3.20 m, with inverted rims to ease the grain cart travelling to different areas.

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