From November 12th to 18th, Stara participated in one of the largest agricultural fairs in the world, Agritechnica, in Hannover, Germany. This fair edition gathered the major innovations of the sector, and the main theme was green productivity, which sticks to sustainability.

The event happens every two years. But it has not been held for four years in a row. That edition returned with high expectations, as emphasized the Stara Chief Executive Officer, Átila Stapelbroek Trennepohl. “We believed the fair provided plenty of novelties and technology. Stara participated once again and got close to its customers and importers to pursue new markets and partnerships. It was a positive event that enabled the brand to become stronger and continue its constant evolution.

For the Stara Export Manager, Jean Sébastien François Salaud, Agritechnica is crucial to strengthen the brand for the market: “Being at the fair was an opportunity to welcome our resellers, discuss strategies for the upcoming years, show our machines to our customers, and add new contacts. We had great expectations about the sales, as much for resellers as for end customers,” he said.

Stara presented the best spraying efficiency – Imperador 3000 and 4000. They feature a complete structure comprised of high technology and robustness to guarantee excellent spraying precision and more economy.

Additionally, the machines are equipped with a comprehensive technology package, such as Conecta, Telemetria Stara, Weather Condition Sensors, Topper 5500, TD3 Auto Steering, and Signal Correction.

Stara has been extending its operations in the international market with the mission of always being on the farmer’s side and investing more and more in technology and innovation for higher crop yields.