Those who see Estrela planter in the crop field get surprised. Ari José Ceregato Júnior, manager of the Fazenda Don Fernando in the town of Clevelândia, the state of Paraná, carefully watches the Estrela path on the soil prepared for planting. He says that Estrela shines brighter on the farm.

Ari José Ceregato Júnior, who has been managing the farm for eight years, says the partnership with Stara has been for so long. “Stara had been here on the farm before I was. We follow all the operations and evolution of the brand machines. As time passed by, we have been replacing our machinery with Stara, and today, our planting line for summer and winter seeds is 100% from the brand. We have a  Guapa seeder, a Twister spreader, and the newest acquisition, the Estrela planter, and considering the next ones.

The manager highlights that Estrela shines brighter on the farm. “We plant 1500 hectares plus the interim harvest, and Estrela is in charge of all of them. Specialized employees work with the planter to get the most out of all technology that comes with the Stara pieces of equipment,” he emphasizes.

Estrela features a complete technology package. The farm finds the main technologies developed to ensure higher productivity and easy handling on a daily basis, such as:  Zero Crop Damage,  Machine Monitoring System, Row-by-Row Shut-Off System,  ConectaTelemetria Stara, and Syncro.

In addition, Ari José Ceregato Júnior emphasizes that Estrela is a comprehensive planter.  “For example, the in-furrow spraying system is factory-installed. There is no need to adapt the planter to install it later on,” he says. The in-furrow application enables the seeds to be saved, in addition to ensuring higher efficiency in the development of the plants from germination to leaf formation.

To him, the capacity and performance of  Estrela were decisive to acquiring it. “For instance: corn planting takes longer and is more complicated. Estrela is really fast. It is a planter that the gets the operations done. It is crucial to finish the planting window.”

Ari tells us that other farmers stopped by to watch Estrela operating in the field, and he recommends the planter. “The Estrela planter features are remarkable. The planter has come to shake up planting operations,” says the manager.