Stara received more than 20 customers from South Africa at its headquarters. To provide a very special day for the customers so they could meet the Stara factory and see the machines and technologies for themselves.

In the morning, they were welcomed with a presentation about the Stara history and its evolution. The Stara commercial director, Márcio Fülber, told them about the history and agriculture in Brazil.

In the afternoon, the customers visited the factory buildings. They saw all the processes and company structures to manufacture its line of agricultural machines and implements.

The commercial representative of Stara in South Africa and Oceania, Douglas Fernandes, told us that numerous visitors were charmed by the company’s technology, resulting in plenty of brand prospection. “We had the chance to show our home and how the manufacturing process works until the machine is delivered to the end customer. Additionally, Brazilian farmers shared their experiences with them, which was a great deal. We wish to operate more and more in the worldwide market.”

For the commercial representative, Ray Kuiper from Tecno Trek Claas, the experience was amazing. It was the first time he came to Brazil, and he was impressed with the factory size. “For us, it is extremely important to see how the machines are manufactured. I work at a dealer that sells Stara brand products, and it helps us to understand better how huge the brand is and how all innovative technology is developed.”

On the other hand, the customer Heinrich Schonfeldt of Caledon, Western Cape, recommends the experience. “The factory organization caught my attention. I’ve been to plenty of factories around the world, but Stara is an example of organization and technology. I want to come back for sure.”

In Jan Erasmus’s opinion of Koppies, the experience was unforgettable. “About technologies, I was impressed by Topper 5500. In addition, the organization and cleaning of the factory are impressive for such a huge manufacturing process capacity.” He also said that they had a warm welcome from the Stara team in Brazil.

The day ended with a celebratory dinner. Stara is thankful to every customer who trusts, believes in the strength of agribusiness, and seeks constant evolution and innovation not only in Brazil but around the world too. After all, none of us is as good at all as we all together are.”