A positive point to ensure excellent yield is prevention, weed control, and diseases control through the correct application of agricultural chemicals. The line of Imperador self-propelled sprayers features plenty of technologies that help to ensure the crop yield potential.

See below three technologies that make the farmer’s life easier when it comes to excellent spraying:

Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System

For pesticide efficiency, one of the decisive factors is precise and uniform application. The over metering caused by overlap results in possible weed plant resistance and even the phytotoxicity of the desired crops.

In order to solve this issue, the Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System automatically shuts off the spray nozzle in areas where the chemical solution has already been applied to prevent and eliminate waste. As a result, there’s economy of up to 5% on chemical products.

Continuous Recirculating System

The Continuous Recirculating System is installed on all Imperador lineup. The system ensures the constant circulation of the chemical solution through the entire spraying circuit, from the chemical solution tank to the boom breakaway ends. Therefore, during applications, the amount that wasn’t applied by the spray nozzles returns to the chemical solution tank.

This process guarantees a homogeneous chemical solution and ensures the proper chemical content from the beginning to the end of the application and application efficiency.

Twin Row Spraying System

Unlike the conventional system, the Twin Row Spraying System is equipped with spray nozzles at every 50 cm on the spray boom.  These spray tips have different flow options, work individually at low and medium speeds, and at the same time for operations at high speeds to allow the operator to spray with plenty of operation speeds to increase the operating yield and keep the application quality.

For the Twin Row Spraying System, the system pressure always operates at the proper pressure range and is parametrized according to the chosen spray nozzle. Thus, the system activates the ideal spray nozzle for spraying operation at each speed to guarantee excellent application quality by keeping the uniformity of the droplet size produced and the volume applied.

Agriculture nowadays requires higher precise management. Stara keeps on investing more and more in technology and innovation to ease the farmer’s life. Consequently, increases the crop field yield.