It is time to invest in winter crops. In addition to the financial return, winter planting ensures several advantages, such as the improvement of the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the soil. As a result, you get the most out of nutrients and more water absorption in the soil to avoid its compaction and erosion and increase the organic matter formation.

Among the advantages of winter crops are weed, pest, and disease control, as the permanent soil cover and crop rotation.

To seed the winter crops, Stara developed Guapa Supra Winter. Due to its robust structure, it delivers a high capacity of terrain copy even on terraced fields. Also, it delivers the best straw flow. Thanks to its exclusive metering system and seed conducting, which provides higher efficient seeding and a great coefficient of variation of up to 5%.

Guapa Supra Winter is equipped with a central seed and fertilizer hopper for more loading agility. The “for seeds only” configuration capacity is 3,000 kg. It adds higher operating yield, and by inverting the divider cover, it is possible to have another three configuration options for the hopper. Consequently, enabling operations with a capacity of 1,200 kg for seeds and 3,000 kg for fertilizer, 1,500 kg for seeds and 2,800 kg for fertilizer and 2,000 kg for seeds, and 2,000 kg for fertilizer.

Not to mention, an innovative transport system. Thanks to it, the seeder becomes only 3.35 metres high on the wheelset and 3.91 metres high. As a result, it eases the implement transport on narrow roads, gates, or bridges.

Guapa Supra Winter ensures higher efficiency for winter grain sowing.