The planter is known for delivering high yields in the crop field. Once again, Stara stands out with the Eva planter launching.

The new planter is practical, efficient, agile, and provides high yields. Available models: 7 and 11 row units. Eva is a complete planter that adds technology and precision to sow corn, soybeans, beans, millet, cotton, and sorghum.

The planter delivers excellent distribution and quality planting. The rigid chassis is equipped with hoppers by gravity for seeds and fertilizer. Not to mention the technologies that reinforce the DNA of evolution and innovation of the brand.

Two control configurations: Smartphone and Topper 5500 VT

The configuration with a smartphone is controlled through a mobile device via Bluetooth allows for the implement calibration by the application. It provides plenty of advantages, such as instantaneous adjustment of seeds and fertilizer, saving up to five fertilizer calibrations, enabling the visualization and alerts of the vacuum pressure on the smartphone screen, manual control of the fertilizer and seed sections, row-by-row seed monitor.

The Topper 5500 VT configuration adds comfortable features that only Stara can provide you with: Telemetria Stara, Conecta, Syncro, Row-by-Row Shut-Off System, Control System, Zero Crop Damage, curve compensation, vacuum pressure on the Topper screen, and instantaneous adjustments that enable the variable rate for seeds and fertilizer.

DPS-E system: higher efficient distribution

Allied to all of it, Eva features the best placement of seeds, the Stara DPS-E. It delivers excellent seed singulation and easy maintenance. The Stara seed meter ensures higher precision for seed placement. It adds seven double seed ejecting points and the well-known variable rate distribution. The DPS-E also features an electric motor, a disk with a higher diameter, and curve compensation.

The most agile and efficient planting

Eva is equipped with pantograph row units that ensure great terrain copy capacity and planting uniformity. The row unit also has lagged seed disks and offset seed disks, depth limiter wheels with a rocker arm, a rubber wheel with 80 mm, distance adjustment of the double seed disk, and a V-shape closing wheel.

The polyethylene hoppers deliver uniform draining of seeds and fertilizer. They also add standard hoppers by gravity and higher angle for lid opening to ease the planter loading process. The hoppers are fastened through a mounting fitting to eliminate the need for inner bolts and deliver a capacity of 55 kg of seeds per row unit and 165 kg of fertilizer.

Another remarkable feature is the Fertisystem that ensures fertilizer distribution on all terrains. Additionally, it has an electric transmission for fertilizer. The Topper version provides a variable rate.

Robust and easy maintenance

In order to optimize the farmer’s job, Eva has easy maintenance. Also, the roller bearings of the seed and fertilizer row units are shielded. The planter is equipped with an adjustment to protect the components from structural damage caused by rocks and an articulated hitch with three points to ease the implement adjustment without uncoupling it from the tractor.

This launching product and all Stara news were available in the Coopavel agricultural show in the city of Cascavel, the state of Paraná.