The well-known Stara Imperador line comprises one more member of the family – the new sprayer, Imperador 2500. It ensures higher operating yields, more autonomy, higher product capacity, and especially excellent spraying that only Stara can provide you with.

Imperador 2500 comprises the Stara technology package with exclusive solutions that boost high crop yields. The package includes Topper 5500, Telemetria Stara, TD3 auto steering, Conecta, Syncro, Weather Condition Sensors, and the Stara Spraying App.

It is equipped with central spray booms and a chemical solution tank with a capacity of 2500 litres, Cummins electronic engine with 213 cvs and turbo intercooler when combined with the hydro-electronic transmission, delivers the highest power and traction performance of its category. The 30-meter central booms stand out for their best stability, which ensures more product on target. The hydraulic wheel tread width adjustment is 2.60 to 3.20 meters.

Stara Imperador 2500 features another great feature: the Smart 4-Wheel-Steering System, available for the machine Top configuration. The technology reduces up to 45% the crop damage on boundaries and steering procedures in the crop field. The Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System, available on the machine Top configurations, identifies an area where the chemical solution has already been applied. As a result, avoiding overlap and over metering and eliminating waste.

Also, one of the most amazing features of Imperador is the Continuous Recirculating System, available on the machine Top configuration. It is an exclusive Stara technology to keep the chemical solution constantly moving in the chemical solution tank and pipes, resulting in the exact concentration of the chemical during applications, a cleaner system without residues from previous applications, and longer component durability.

Imperador 2500 was presented in the Coopavel agricultural show. The fair was held from February 5th to 9th, BR 277 drive, in the city of Cascavel, state of Paraná.