Spreading substances for soil regulation is an efficient alternative to prepare the soil for the next planting and ensure yield. There are two ways of applying the substances for soil regulation: centrifugal spreading and gravity.

To spread by gravity means the product is loaded and transported by rubber conveyor belts, which avoids the segregation of particles and ensures the same spreading standard to all application ranges, especially when using products with low granulometry levels, known as filler.

The products applied to the crop fields feature different varieties of granulometry, varying from 0.5 mm to 3 mm.

Thus, the spreading by gravity provides the same degree for acidity correction on all application ranges, which is very important to make sure of high yields and to those that use the application at a variable rate to guarantee the exact meter in the exact place.

The acidity management period in the soil usually happens off-season. Therefore, it is affected by a short application window and favorable weather conditions.

To overcome these challenges, the spreading by gravity is the best option since it doesn’t suffer interference from the wind, which makes it possible to carry it out with a higher machine availability. As a result, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

Having this in mind, Stara provides the Bruttus line, highlighting Bruttus 25000 and Bruttus 12000.

The spreaders of the Bruttus line ensure excellent uniformity and precision to apply substance for soil regulation and granulating fertilizer through the spreading by gravity.

Bruttus 25000 is equipped with a hopper with a capacity of up to 25 000 kg or 15.6 m³ to provide a great operation autonomy. Its articulation is 24° between the sections, 12° upwards, and 12° downwards. It keeps the application height at 1.37 m. When combining high-pressure flotation tires with a rocker arm system, they deliver the best terrain copy.

On the other hand, Bruttus 12000 has an application capacity of 7.5 m³ or 12,000 kg. Its application height is 1.25 m and is equipped with high-pressure flotation tires. To have more economy during applications, the spreader is equipped with a section shutdown system that reduces overlap and avoids product waste.

The Bruttus line is the only self-transportable spreader on the market. Thanks to the articulated chassis of Bruttus 25000, the sections can be folded for transport, which becomes the spreader width of 3.18 m and eases travel on narrow roadways, bridges, and gates without the need to disassemble a single component.

Last but not least, Bruttus spreaders also feature the best technologies, such as Topper 5500Telemetria Stara and Syncro. With the Bruttus line, you ensure excellent spreading by gravity precision.