Planting is decisive for the farmer to get the best results. For this reason, it is required to use the best products for soil preparation. There are two ways of applying the substances for soil regulation: broadcast spreading and gravity.

Both methods influence operation quality. The greatest advantage of the broadcast spreading is the high operating yield. According to Thomas Liska, coordinator of Stara Product Marketing, broadcast spreading provides a well-adjusted spreader and wider application ranges. When this range is combined with a good hopper capacity, it creates a high operating yield, especially on self-propelled machines that may operate at higher speeds, above 20 km/h.

Having this in mind, Stara provides the Hércules line, a reference in the Brazilian market. The spreader line features outstanding application quality, precise metering, and high operational yield, resulting in crop results.

“Additionally, Hércules 6.0 and Hércules 4.0 can enter the crop field when the crop plants are tall, thanks to their high ground clearance. It ensures a higher fertiliser performance.  For seeds, they may be overseeded,” says Thomas Liska.

The Hércules 6.0 spreader is equipped with a stainless steel hopper that is highly resistant and durable and has a capacity of 6000 kg. It makes sure of an application range of up to 36 meters. The Smart 4-Wheel-Steering System allows a turning radius 42% shorter than conventional systems. The Twin Feedgate System with a Divider enables the closing of only one side of the hopper, avoiding product application in the areas that have already received the product. As a result, there are fertiliser savings of up to 2.58%.

On the other hand, Hércules 4.0 features a capacity of 4000 kg. The operation speed varies from 8 to 24.5 km/h. The spreading width is up to 36 meters. It also has a Twin Feedgate with a Product Flow Divider and a Smart 4-Wheel-Steering System. The ground clearance is 1.4 meters. Thus, the spreaders have the same quality and excellence thanks to their size and capacity.  The farmer’s needs are what vary.

Another decisive factor in choosing the spreader is the seasons of the year and the needs of each region, which are quite different. However, for the Product Marketing coordinator, a crucial factor for a successful application is having the spreader maintenance services all performed.  “When the machine has its maintenance services all performed, it is more available in the crop field, avoids unexpected stops, and avoids a longer time for repairs. Therefore, it is important to have the machine maintenance services done,” he emphasizes.

Last but not least, the Hércules spreaders add the best technologies, such as Topper 5500, the TD3 auto steering, Telemetria StaraConectaSignal Correction, and Syncro. The tradition of the self-propelled spreaders from Stara allied with the excellent application quality, has made the Hércules line a reference for broadcast spreading.