Stara Imperador 3000 and 4000 ensure a good yield for your crop field. They feature a complete structure comprised of high technology and robustness to guarantee excellent spraying precisely and more economical.

In addition to having high-capacity tanks, which increase operating yield, they ensure fuel savings of up to 2.5% because of the optimized hydraulic system, which identifies the oil quality required to carry out different operations, especially if the spray pump flow.

Additionally, Imperador 3000 and 4000 deliver the highest ramp capacity – 32% to ease the operation over bumpy terrains. Another remarkable feature is the central booms. They ensure more stability during applications and guarantee 58% more chemical solution on target. Boom stability is achieved thanks to the machine weight distribution – 50% on the back and 50% on the front.

As an optional feature, Imperador 3000 and 4000 add the Smart 4-Wheel-Steering System, which allows for a 42% shorter turning radius than conventional systems. As a result, it reduces crop damage by up to 45% over boundary areas and during steering procedures in the crop field.

Not to mention that the machine is equipped with the Up & Down – Hydraulic Lift System, which increases the ground clearance by 40 centimeters, from 1.6 to 2 metres to allow the crop field entrance when the crop plants are tall. As a result, ensuring healthier plants and boost productivity.

The Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System (optional) shuts off the spray nozzle automatically when Topper 5500 identifies an area where the chemical solution has already been applied to prevent overlap and product waste.

The machine equipped with this system has the Continuous Recirculating System, which keeps the chemical solution moving in the tank and piping. As a result, the chemical solution is always homogeneous and with the proper content to ensure better spraying uniformity.

And, of course, the self-propelled machines add the Twin Row Spraying System. The system is equipped with two rows of spray tips that allow applications with a wide operating speed range to increase the operating yield. These rows can operate either alternated or together. As they perform applications with ideal pressure, they ensure excellent application quality by keeping the drop size uniform and avoiding drift.

The Imperador 3000 and 4000 provide you with a comprehensive Stara technology package, such as Telemetria Stara, Syncro, the Weather Condition Sensor, Topper 5500, TD3 Auto Steering, Signal Correction, and the Stara Spraying App.

Imperador 3000 and 4000 machines deliver optimum cost-benefit ratio. Thereby, it allows the machines to perform more than one function efficiently and with operating yield. With all these features, it gets easier to choose the best equipment for spraying operations.

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